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What is Favor?

We deliver anything our customers need: tacos, groceries, dry cleaning, you name it! We're personal assistants, not delivery drivers.

  • Your earnings

    For every Favor, you’ll always receive a portion of the delivery fee and 100% of your tips.

  • Maximum flexibility

    With Favor, you can run whenever you want, wherever you want. You can even make cash by referring your friends to be Runners.

  • A few requirements

    At this time, you must have an iPhone or Android. You should have reliable transportation and have a clean record. You must be 18 years or older to sign up.

Why Favor?
  • Travis

    Runs with Favor to be able to go on awesome vacations and take care of his family - he has 9 year old triplets.

  • Kimberly

    Runs with Favor to supplement her full-time income and to pay off student loans, buy a new home and treat her friends to ice cream!

  • Stacy

    Runs with Favor because it allows her to work as much or as little as she needs to support her family.